ESPN Thinks Purdue's A Basketball School, Too

Because I can't get enough of mediocre offense and teams trying to give the game away to one another, I set my DVR to record the Purdue-Minny game over the weekend on ESPN Classic. As an aside, I always love that they put the little "LIVE" thing in the upper corner, lest we think ESPN Classic is running one of those classic Purdue-Minnesota games. I can just picture someone tuning into ESPN Classic -- on a Fall Saturday no less -- and saying, "Wait, what the hell is this? When did Minnesota and Purdue play a classic game?" And then watching and deciding they hated ESPN anad everything they stand for because they have no idea how to judge a "classic" game.

Anyway, so when looking at the description of the game, I noticed something odd:

That's right, "College Basketball." I hardly recognized it. I suppose maybe that was an homage to Joe Tiller's "Basketball on Grass" philosophy, which is about the only thing the average sportscaster can vomit out when talking about Purdue football.
Good times.

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