Rush The Court Remembers Glenn Robinson

Those of you our age or older, brace yourselves. Glenn Robinson first strolled onto campus at Purdue 20 years ago. Twenty. The Big Dog is remembered in this fine work by the folks at Rush The Court. A sample is below:

But what made Robinson so good was actually not even basketball-related. Raised on the rough streets of Gary, Indiana, the reserved Robinson was instilled early with an inner and outer toughness that took his already otherworldly hoops talents to a different level. Combining his immense physical gifts with a hunger for success and perseverance that can be borne only of struggle, Robinson reached that rare transcendence in sports that cannot be created solely by training and talent alone. Isiah Thomas had it. So did Larry Bird. And Glenn Robinson certainly did. His came from a natural place – his mother.

 Read this piece and loads of other great stuff over there as they tirelessly express their undying love for the awesomeness that is college basketball.

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