Get Your Hate On: Wisconsin

Sometimes it's easy to remember what you don't like about an opponent. Other times it's harder. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, BS is here to help. In a new feature (and you know how well we stick to new features), we'll help you figger out why you should hate Purdue's next opponent, mainly using third grade playground insults and other such high-brow stuff you've come to love BS for. 

Up today: The Wisconsin Badgers.

First off, have you heard the way they say it? "Bayydghurs." We get it. You're from the upper midwest. Newsflash: Fargo got annoying after a couple hours of hearing them talk like that.

Bo Ryan (pictured, putting a spell on those who defy him) is the Grinch, which makes it ironic that he coaches a team that wears red predominantly, but really, is it all that crazy? Maybe it's just the perfect cover.

Wisconsin is notorious in both football and basketball for producing gigantic, white farm boys who excel for 2-4 years at their sport in Madison and then, magically, are never heard from again and disappear back into Bo's cauldron.

Wisconsin fans are brutes who reek of beer and cheese. (And then men are worse. *rim shot*)

Please feel free to add your own.


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