Super Boobs

Well, here we are... Friday. And I've been asked to talk less and provide more boobies. Kind of like how we'd all like our women to be? Am I right, men? Hello? *tap tap* Is this thing on? *sigh*

On we go...

Regular reader and longtime friend of the show Paul requested we research a Ms. Jarah Mariano. And so we did. And we're glad we did. I like theskull and crossbones boobage, Jarah. Jolly roger indeed.

Pic #2 for this week is also Jarah as she models us some lingere, with what appear to be leopard prints on part.

Since it's Super Bowl week, I figured why not feature Handsome Tom Brady's main squeeze, Gisele Bundchen. And Gisele clearly knows how to end up on Sideboob Friday.

And our final pic is also Gisele. And, really, this is just more evidence that Tom Brady's life is not fair to the rest of us. He gets to go win the Super Bowl -- again -- and then spend his off-season getting calls from Gisele, saying "I've got your Mercedes all cleaned up for you... but I can't say my mind is nearly as clean, you naughty quarterback."

Well, that's it for this week. Enjoy, Boiler Up and root for my G-men.

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