Doubly Super Boobs

As punishment for a missed week of side-boobs, which there was surprisingly little uproar over I might add, we've been forced to double our efforts. We've scoured the very best tubes of this here Interweb to find these fine examples of the female form.

So let us begin our punishment. Now, you may (or more likely may not) be asking yourself "Self, how is this punishment?" Well, let me tell you... I don't like watermelon. There I said it. This is not so much about boobage as it is a clear frontal assault on my visceral dislike for melons of the water variety.

On with the punishment! Here we have a fine example of those pesky bikinis that are always fouling things up. Thanks to loyal pointer-outer D for this terrible terrible bikini.

This picture clearly shows us why LSU wins national championships. They have proper motivation. Unfortunately our Boilers are surrounded by women in 18 layers of parka right about now.

I think we can all agree on one thing. We don't like the Patriots. However, they do have cheerleaders, so our punishment in this area is that we cannot dislike EVERYTHING about the Patriots. Unfortunately for Giants fans, there are no cheerboobs to root for on your own sideline.

Here again, a pesky bikini gets in the way. It appears that even she, the un-named wearer of said bikini, dislikes it. Those damn knots though...

Double Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs just this one Friday in this space. If you are a supermodel and would like to move to Cleveland, I might be able to help you. You can reach me at Go Giants!

Either Way, The Ride Ends On Sunday

Super Boobs