The Bears Are Serious About This Kyle Orton Business

So hey, we know you're probably not apt to follow the happenings of wayward Boilermakers the way we do, but here's another update on everyone's favorite Captain O'Neckbeard, Kyle Orton -- also known as the Chicago Bears starting QB. (That is, until he has a 68 yard passing day and Rex Grossman completes more than two passes during a live scrimmage.)

Orton has been named one of two offensive captains for the 2008 season, as voted by his teammates. Now, either this is like the times in high school where you vote the biggest nerd the homecoming king just to be funny.... or the Bears really believe in KO. I hope it's the latter.

We'll always be rooting for Kyle around here. He has Purdue on the cusp of even more relevancy than Drew Brees brought and for that we'll always appreciate him. The guy also played injured in bowl games and against OSU, pulling out victories and delivering amazing performances at times. He's a gamer and he cared about his teammates. That seems to have carried over to the pros.

Good on ya, Kyle.

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