Danny Hope: Purdue Triva Master (and other Boiler Sports notes)

If you want to learn Purdue's student/teacher ratio, Coach Hope's the guy to ask. Did you know there are more Forbes 800 CEOs with Purdue degrees than any other school? Coach Hope did.

If you follow Danny Hope on Twitter, you'll learn something every week that makes Purdue noteworthy...And I love that Hope seems to have enthusiasm for the scholastic institution that is Purdue University. Problem is, I don't know if an 18 year old kid cares too much.

He might care about Purdue's Cradle of Quarterbacks, which Hope has referenced recently...and I'm sure he loves to hear about how Coach Hope is constantly hustling to meet recruits and the fan base...So that's a good thing.

But, much like Purdue's football recruiting website (yikes), this is a relatively-new media to work with, so there will be some growing pains...I am happy that the effort's being made though.

Let's pretend for a second that Joe Tiller was still in charge- What would his Twitter updates sound like? Let us know your opinion!

Purdue Golf and Diving, Yo.
We talked about David Boudia a few months ago as he dominated the NCAA diving championships.

Well, another Purdue summer sports athlete has made her mark. Maria Hernandez added to her sizable trophy case yesterday by being named the nation's best female collegiate golfer. So here's what Maria's done:

-Honda Sports Award (best female golfer)
-Ping National Player of the Year
-Three-time 1st team All-American
-Four-time 1st team All-Big Ten
-Big Ten Conference record-holder for BT Championships
-Three-time Big Ten POY
-Academic All-Big Ten

And a lot more. I don't watch women's golf, but like diving, I love to see Purdue athletes make the University look good...And Maria does that on and off the course.

For those of you who don't like Morgan Burke, I understand some of your arguments. But, like the aquatic center, without the golf complex, talent like this would never make it on campus and would never have the chance to expose Purdue to a different sports sector. I love seeing big things from my alma mater.

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