Purdue Boilermakers Dancing... Like Sandi at the Prom

Well Boilermakers the season is not over yet, Purdue has been selected to play in the prestigious CBI!  Previous winners include, Pittsburgh, Oregon, Oregon State, VCU and Tulsa.  Although it's not the big dance, it's more games for the Boilermakers to play, and as a young squad that is desperately needed.

The Boilers will be facing the Western Illinois Leathernecks who finished their season in the Summit league at 22-8 and a 13-3 record in conference play.

The Leathernecks have an RPI of 132 and a SOS of 295, compared to Purdue's RPI of 122 and SOS of 55 this season.

As far as quality wins, well the verdict is still out on that one, they are in the CBI for a reason.

Their leading scorer is 6'8" Terell Parks who averages 12.7 points, 2.5 blocks and 9.6 rebounds per game.

Guard Ceola Clark III is their resident Robbie Hummel in his sixth season with the program averaging 12.5 points per game.

Looking at the quality of opponent this looks like Purdue should stomp the Leathernecks, but in cases such as these effort comes into play greatly, something that has been in question with this team.  If Purdue comes out and plays hard and as a team, this shouldn't be a question, but if there is another "Nebraska" performance, the Leathernecks could pull the upset.

Although upset with the CBI, as I'm sure a lot of you are, this is another opportunity for this team to grow.  Not to compare jackasses to thoroughbreds, but some other school's rebuilding years are a lot worst than this one.

What's important is that this team gets more time to grow and mold together.  It is the perfect opportunity to get that bad taste out of their mouth after the poor performance against Nebraska and it would be great to set the tone for next season with a few more building blocks.

Although a bit embarrassing, this is something Purdue fans need to embrace, for this season.  More games is something that is needed desperately and no matter how bad the tournament is or what the school is, another notch in the belt will be helpful down the road.

The game is Wednesday night at 7pm, if you can make it, I'm sure Matt and the boys would love your support.

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