BS Bracket Time!!

Get excited..It's tourney time!!!

I've got whatever sickeness LBD had a few days ago- I can barely see out of my right eye because of all of the gunk in it, my nose is running, I'm coughing...AND my Boilers have been asked to play in the CBI; not an ideal morning in March.  All that said, I still love this time of year and am excited to to have my wife kick my ass fill out a bracket for the in the yearly BS bracket challenge.

If you're not, you're either a Communist or a Communist, because there is simply no higher achievement than winning this very bracket.  To create a bracket and enter, CLICK HERE!!

In case that link didn't work, or you're phobic of clicking things, the bracket name is "BS March Happy Fun Smile" #106391 in EsPN's Tournament Challenge page.

We usually get around 1,000,000* entries, so your odds of winning are better than the powerball...but the prizes are better than a Powerball winner** because our contest makes you rich AND famous***!!!

In all seriousness, the winner of our Bracket Challenge will win a few things; one might be a chance to post on this site...a prize that has more value than cash; you can't simply buy it**** plus you'll win a few other things in J's parents' basement.

*We've never had close to 1,000,000 entries
**Our prizes are no where near as valuable as winning the Powerball
*** "rich and famous" are based on the author's opinion of wealth and fame
****you actually could buy it; name a price...we're listening.

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