Silly Ball

Whoa, the Texans messed up the Ravens, at least they got that field goal at the end...Wait a second, that's a baseball score?

As a matter of fact it is. For the first time in 110 years, a MLB team scored 30 or more runs...and of course, it's the Texas Rangers who did so. Didn't everyone expect that?

I like baseball. Let me re-state that- I like playoff baseball. I also like to take in a game in person. BUT, I find the games tough to watch on TV (need more explosions) and the season much too long. I'll tell you what- If you could guarantee me 20+ runs once a week, I might start watching the game a bit more. I played baseball in high school and understand the game...I enjoy playing it, but I need more offense to keep my attention. That said for the health of the game, I think the league needs to contract so the pitching talent pool can get deeper...I know, those two ideas contradict eachother. Shut it.

Two players in the game hit grandslams and the last two players in the order for the Rangers BOTH had 7 RBI. The only thing that one can really gather from this is that the Orioles should stop signing kids directly from the LLWS and start looking for kids out of High School & College.


No Death Penalty?!?!