Still Idiots

I had a conversation with J on Friday about why I thought the Red Sox would win games 6 & 7- because many of them seem to not be human in the way they handle pressure. Much like the group that found a way to fight back versus the Yankees a few seasons back, this Red Sox team is just odd the way they approach pressure situations.

During game 5, there was a camera shot of the Red Sox dugout that showed a few players having what looked like a sesame seed shell-spitting contest. Alright, you're down 3-1, whattya do? Act like a 10-year old playing a little league game. I don't think the Indians really acted like they were feeling pressure until game 7...understandably so. Some will say pitching killed the Indians, I'd argue that the Sox bats and demeanor killed the Indians. If one guy got cold another seemed to step up each time almost seemlessly.

So onto the World Series we go. I predict the Red Sox in 6.

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