Huge Win

81-68, Purdue beats IU. This game's big, I said that a few days ago, but let's look at it one more time-

-It is another win over a ranked opponent (the tourney committee likes those).
-It's the biggest win of Painter's career @ Purdue
-It is a teaching tool for the young players about the importance of hustle and not giving up when the tide turns.
-It makes the IU rivalry a rivalry once again.

I was impressed with the entire team last night. Granted, Teague and Landry gave great individual efforts, but there was more to this win. Every time IU would make a run, Teague would hit a shot, or Lutz would hit a three, or Kramer or Watt would come up with a steal or Landry would fight through two or three Hoosiers to score. Furthermore, Kramer pissing off White made me very happy. The only thing that bothered me about that play was that White wasn't teched up. All Kramer did was hold onto the ball and White (big tough guy) shoved him and threw an elbow. Kramer is the type of player Purdue fans love and will love and IU fans will hate wonder how long he's been at Purdue.

Earl Calloway got a boo boo on his shoulder after running into Carl Landry and finished the game with his shoulder in the same shape as his ego- bruised.

I never had any problem with Mike Davis despite the fact that he beat Purdue regularly. I strongly dislike Sampson and am happy the IU athletic department took the low road by hiring a proven cheater. Because of this move, I'm happy to say I hate IU again.

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