I heart college softball.

The college world series for Women's softball is awesome- that's right, I said it...and I'm not kidding.

Each year, I enjoy watching it...and there's really very little about it that I dislike. The speed of the game is astounding...the enthusiasm from the players is really fun to watch...the fact that many of the girls are cute and in pony tails doesn't hurt either.
I honestly have no clue how to hit a ball moving that quickly at that short of a distance...it's very impressive. And, the short infield coupled with some legitimate power hitters makes me respect the fielders' abilities. I even like the fact that many teams do cheers during the game...smile about big plays and seem to support their team mates so readily. The only problem I can find with watching this sport is the play-by-play is pretty horrible; but it's that way for most sports.

Overall, it's a great sport to watch on TV this time of year. Plus, the games aren't too long; always important when you have the attention span of a gnat as I tend to display from time-to-time.

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That was awesome.