That was awesome.

I was just Twittling, tweeting, twatting at Tim about how this loss for the Cavs was going to sting me, and I'm not even a Cavs fan...Then, holy moly, James drains an improbable shot with 0.1 on the clock...that was a fun way to end game 2.

James impressed himself...In the post game he kept saying, "It was a great shot...It was a great shot." While he's right, I didn't think I'd hear him say that.

You guys know what I think about the NBA, but the playoffs have been pretty solid...and both the East and West Championship Series have started off in amazing fashion.

The only way tonight's game-winner could have been better for Cavs fans was if it would have happened over Michael Jordan...The shot reminds me a bit of something I've seen before...

Sorry, Tim.

I heart college softball.

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