Say It Ain't So, Matty!!

I wanna look over there...

With all of the coaching changes happening around the nation, it's not surprising that everyone is affected in some way...but we're now hearing that even Matty might be shopping a bit.

No permission to interview has been given yet by Purdue for Painter to interview, but according to our sources, as well as multiple rumors on KHC and Scout's board, Matty has been in conversations with "an Athletic Director from a conference" about their opening. Painter is not in the top-4 salaries of the conference...but has produced top-4 teams in 3 of the last four seasons...

This is reminiscent of the scares like this that Purdue fans got when Gene Keady talked to Kansas State and Arizona State on different occasions; on the second one, I remember telling friends of mine, "I'd be happy either way..."

Can't say I feel that way about this news...And I have no clue how this would affect the incoming class of '09, the star-studded '10 class or JJ's decision for next season.

When we hear more, you will too...

Addendum- you knew this was coming- Happy April First, yo.

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