"Purdue Guy" gets honored and honors others...and Notes

When I say an athlete is a "Purdue Guy", do you know what I mean? My definition is pretty easy to understand- They're typically hard-working, talented (yet a bit under the radar) and always respectful and respectable as they represent the university.

This year's trio of Seniors on Matty's squad are pretty good representations.

For the football team, Keith Smith, Craig Terrell, Rosie Colvin and the Ambassador- Drew Brees come to mind right away. There are others.

But, possibly the most-decorated "Purdue Guy" in recent memory, Ryan Kerrigan helps personify my definition.

First off, he's a great athlete. His teammates know it, his opponents know it...even the media and coaches know it. But it hasn't always been that way...he worked hard to become the lovable monster we became accustomed to expecting big things from, by his Junior season.

He was recruited out of Muncie, with his best offer, outside of Purdue, from Cincinnati. He was a 3-star player- solid...but by no means was he the talk of the nation or the apple of powerhouses in the nation, but he became one of the best players in the nation.

After being recognized by everyone because of his abilities, he decided to publicly-recognize those who had helped him get to where he is today via a note to the Starpress. He thanked the city of Muncie, the people who supported him, his coaches and his High School.

Hats off to Ryan Kerrigan for being a guy that's easy to wish success upon...and for being one of the good guys to do big things! Can't wait to see what he does at the next level.

Afternoon Delight
If you've looked at Purdue's upcoming schedule, you might have noticed an oddity.

Our Boilers will be playing at Michigan in the BT opener in a rare, non-weekend, non-holiday, 2:00 pm game. I think this is a real positive for our Boilers as the students will already be out of town for Christmas break and much of the fanbase will have to work on that Tuesday. Maybe it's just working stiffs like me who have to work the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, but I doubt it. Hopefully this one has the feel of a neutral court.

New York State of Mind
Coach Keady made it official that he has moved on from his time living in West Lafayette by hosting an auction of some of his "prized" possessions. There's some interesting stuff in here...but there's some stuff that looks like it was taken from my grandma's house as well.

Who wouldn't want a green velvet chair? I know the answer to that question.

Perfect last-minute gift
If you're interested in giving one of the greatest t-shirts ever produced to a loved one for Christmas, there's still time...but barely. If you want to have a Mission Houston shirt by Christmas, order quickly...we'll get it in the mail as soon as we receive the order. If you're in the Midwest, you probably have until Monday...outside of there, I wouldn't gamble with the USPS' delivery guarantee- order today.

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