Sideboobs Return

So yes, last week there were no sideboobs. I took the week off for several reasons. For one, we had tons of content going up around here: a matchup of 5-0 teams with the Boilers taking on OSU, the MLB playoffs, etc. In addition, I was traveling to the great midwest to spend a weekend with my father-in-law and didn't know if it'd be wise to use his computer to post pictures of women's sideboobs when I'm married to his daughter. (I doubt he'd want me posting pictures of his daughter, either, but I digress.)

Well, what happened? I fail to post sideboobie goodness for the first Friday since the start of the college football season and the Path of Destruction is derailed, with Purdue losing 23-7. Correlation? For sure.

Do not worry -- I don't plan to let this happen again. Oh, sure, there will be weeks where we put Sideboob Friday on hiatus (it is a grueling task, coming up with this sort of entertainment, but I do it all for you, the loyal readers), but never again before a big Purdue football game. That I promise you. And if, by chance, Purdue ends up 12-1 this season, I will take full responsibility for causing us to miss out on our national title shot.

On to the goodness.

First up here is a cheerleader named Sheila. She's quite lovely. If not for the Redskins attire, she'd be nearly perfect.

Up next is a repeat visitor to Sideboob Friday, Sarah Spain. As you may recall, Sarah is the enterprising young hoochie who sold her companionship on ebay for a chance to go to the Super Bowl in February. She ended up becoming famous for this. Before long, however, she apparently realized being hot was far more profitable than being smart and so she launched a Web site, Fantasy Sports Girl. Clever. Let's market two things -- fantasy girls and sports. And let's put the word "sports" in there cleverly so that it's sort of about fantasy sports... or is it? I mean, is it about sports or is it about Sarah Spain's ample bosom? And does anyone care?

Our final chick of the week comes to us from reader Pete, who says "This is Beth Morgan. She's a porn star." Well, thanks for that Pete. And we also appreciate you sending us pictures of her that aren't any further along the porn spectrum than this. As you may have noticed, despite all the talk about boobs around here, we do our best to only post suggestive pictures and not flat-out nakedness. I mean, really, none of us want to see any nakedness besides our wives. (Well, and each other, but that goes without saying, right?)

Have a splendid weekend, gents.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs every Friday is this space. Sometimes, though, J is visiting Mrs. Money's father and in those cases... we've never heard of Sideboob Friday. In all other cases, though, please feel free to share your findings, thoughts and epiphanies at

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