Purdue v. UM Prognostication

Our Boilers are getting ready to head up to Ann Arbor and travel into the scariest place, for Purdue football teams, in America. This might not be the best Wolverines team, according to this year's resume, but the three of us here at Boiled Sports still believe this year's Michigan team to be extremely talented and very good.

Plus, every since Russell Crowe has admitted to his undying love of Lloyd Carr, UM has been undefeated.

I don't think it's the fanbase that is intimidating, because the Big House is not especially loud in person, but Purdue seems to be perpetually perplexed by the University of Michigan's team on the road over the past 41 years...Regardless of history, here's how we see tomorrow going for our 5-1 Boilers:

Tim Says:
Mike Hart will have 180 yards rushing.

Curtis Painter will have 320 yards passing, but 2 picks.

Purdue will expose the Michigan secondary, but it will be their inability to stop the Michigan running game that will prove to be their undoing.

Michigan 30
Purdue 20

J Says:

If I had never seen a Purdue game at Michigan or if I knew nothing about our history -- or better yet, our history against UM was erased -- I would tell you the following:
Purdue's passing attack is EXACTLY what Oregon used to shred the Michigan secondary and really made them look like silly little girls. I watched all of that game and they couldn't tackle, they couldn't adjust, they looked completely confused... all Oregon was doing was spreading the field and running slants... and the safeties for some reason weren't helping. It was kind of weird. Once, okay, twice, maybe... but it was happening all day. Oregon had them on their heels and tossed in some trick plays and it was just a stunning pasting. Clearly, Michigan has rebounded and is playing better football but you could make a case the Purdue's pass attack is more formidable than Oregon's, so I think Purdue has a good chance if only their defense can hang tough.
But in reality, I do know Purdue's history in the Big House and I know Tiller doesn't beat teams he's not supposed to beat. And no matter how "down" Michigan might be right now, they're not a team that Purdue is "supposed" to beat so it won't happen. I hate being a pessimist but I looked at the schedule and chalked up losses at Michigan and at PSU and then figured we'd lay at least one or two other eggs during the season... Michigan's bigger boys and unlimited supply of blue-chippers will wear down the Boilers. It's unfortunate but I think they're just more loaded in over talent. I think Painter is as good or better than Henne but Henne has more weapons around him. Sure, sure, Dorien Bryant, etc., etc. He's no Manningham and we all know it.
I hate to be so Tim-like (that is, negative), but I see us losing simply because we're in Michigan. At our place, I think we'd have a shot (as long as we were more awake than last weekend), but at Michigan, it's going to take a pinpoint accuracy kind of day from Curtis and sure-handedness from our backs and receivers. And a yeoman effort from the defense, which I do think is possible even though I never count on it.

Michigan 21
Purdue 18

Boilerdowd Says:
I've heard it over and over: "Michigan has struggled versus quarterbacks who run the spread. In fact, both of the Wolverines losses come against teams that effectively run this offense." While I agree with this assessment, and Purdue does run the spread pretty well, both App. State & Oregon (not to mention Northwestern) all have run-first spread offenses with mobile quarterbacks. That is a HUGE difference. Plus, much like tOSU, Michigan's corners will bump and beat up Purdue receivers following an 11-year old playbook that has been effective each time it's employed.

Coach Tiller, for the third week in four, will see a talent-laden team on the other side of the field. Michigan has horses...4 & 5-star horses...And Tiller will probably tell his team, for the second week in a row, that the opponent is the more talented team. Problem is, when you tell a kid that he's overmatched, he might play that way. CONVERSELY, If you tell him that he can do anything and motivate him, he might believe that too. Wouldn't it be great if the Joe Tiller of 1997-2000 would give these guys the pep talk? They might just believe they could win, in that case. Sadly, Cowboy Joe's been replaced with Oatmeal Wilford...and as a result Purdue has lost 17 straight to ranked teams and nearly every game in which they were the underdog in the past 5 years.

When I saw Appalachia State defeat Michigan earlier this season, I told friends and family alike, "This is just going to make it more painful when they beat up on our Boilers." I'll stick by that and the fact that I thought this was a loss that could be written in pen in the books, prior to the season.

Michigan 39
Purdue 17

So, sadly, we're all back in agreement as we were the first 5 weeks of the season, at least with the outcome of the contest. I don't know if even the return of "Sideboob Friday" can overcome what we think is in store for our Boilers. Hopefully, we are all wrong and the trend of losing streaks in October for Tiller-coached teams does not continue. I am hoping the 85 guys in the white jerseys in the Big House don't buy what we're selling. The game will air at Noon on The BTN to satellite-users all over the Midwest. Thanks again Comcast. And away we go...

    To Your Call Once More We Rally;
    Alma Mater Hear Our Praise.
    Where The Wabash Spreads Its Valley;
    Filled With Joy Our Voices Raise.
    From The Skies In Swelling Echoes
    Come The Cheers That Tell The Tale
    Of Your Vict'ries And Your Heros,
    Hail Purdue! We Sing All Hail!


    Hail, Hail To Old Purdue!
    All Hail To Our Old Gold And Black!
    Hail, Hail To Old Purdue!
    Our Friendship May She Never Lack.
    Ever Grateful, Ever True,
    Thus We Raise Our Song Anew;
    Of The Days We've Spent With You,
    All Hail Our Own Purdue!

Groundhog Day

Sideboobs Return