UNLV To Join XFL, SEC Gets a Break (Finally)

Teams unveil new unis this time of year...That's normal. The University of Michigan has left Nike to have Adidas providing their unis...Cal has added a paw to the back of their helmets and gotten more stupider with their jerseys and pants and Cinci really effed up theirs...But UNLV's take the cake (of those released this summer). To me, these look like a cross between an inner-city team without any money and the XFL:

I just read that the SEC, thanks to the ole ball coach and Nick Saban has loosened some of its tight academic requirements for its "student" athletes. They will now be at the absolute minimum, according to the NCAA for whom they let on campus. I'm just thankful that they're leveling the playing field with C-USA...Maybe now Florida, 'Bama, Georgia and Auburn will be able to get OK recruiting classes.

Brett Favre- Get off of my TV.

Have another bratwurst on me....