Brett Favre- Get off of my TV.

Brett Favre is all up in your face!

I was sick of Brett Favre's teen-aged girl antics back in April...Now, I'm pissed.

There isn't a whole bunch going on right now in sports...Some good racing, if you like auto racing (as do I)...some MLB action (the Rays are turning into flounders)...and Brett Favre is leaving text messages for different members of the Packers organization. Oh Joy!

Favre loves staying in touch with friends!

I liked Favre as a Packer prior to about two years ago. Back then, he was just a quarterback who made mistakes on the field but was always trying for the big play...and he was tough and acted like a man. Even better, in the offseason, all we'd have to hear from him was that he felt comfortable in Wrangler jeans and Prilosec OC helped him with his heartburn...Things were better then.

Surprisingly enough (not at all) ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski thinks Favre should be able to do whatever the hell he wants and the Packers should bow to him and maybe even throw him simultaneous signing bonus parties (a la T.O.) and retirement pressers...all the while guaranteeing him a starting job in green and yellow come the fall. I disagree whole-heartedly, but then again, I'm not a whore to ratings like the Entertainment & SP Network has become. We already knew EspN was Favre's bitch before this week, but now, even their ticker has a special Brett Favre category just for updates on his daily text messages. Wheeeeee! I think that piece of crap network ought to start dedicating EspN 2 entirely to a live feed of Favre's MySpace page and wait with baited breath for updates from their totally cute and awesome boyfriend Brett about his status with the Packers.

"I promised myself I wouldn't get emotional..."
You also promised you were retiring...O fer Two.

The Packers are doing the right thing- They have a starting quarterback in Aaron Rodgers who has patiently waited while Favre waffled at the end of the previous two seasons about potentially retiring. When he boo hooed about not being able to play the game any longer, his career ended- no one else made him say it, he did it himself.

wish I could take credit for this fark (ref.

Please let the Aaron Rodgers Era begin in Green Bay and get back to eatin' crawfish and hangin' with your boys, Mrs. Berman...errrrr Madden...errrrrr Favre. Stop acting like a selfish kid before you hurt your legacy even more.

USA! USA! Represent!

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