Since We're not Journalists...

There's no need for journalistic the previous posts (about Matty looking elsewhere & BS getting bought) not being true matter little.

What does matter is that, while UK has officially made its deal with the devil, Purdue basketball remains sturdy and stable.

Matty's going to be back next year, JJ has officially told multiple papers he's returning, Robbie Hummel's back is healing already (according to the Ostrich himself), but Smooge remains quiet as usual. I'm not reading into that much other than maybe he's catching up on the school work he missed while on his 10-day trip around the Northwestern and Southwestern US.

John Hart, the athletic, but unheralded RS Frosh will be a contributing member of the team next season, DJ Byrd's ready to be a Boiler (and has been for months), as are Kelsey Barlow and Patrick Bade...but the story that Jeff Robinson won't make it on campus, because of academics seems to be gaining more and more steam. That would leave Purdue with an open schollie...And it seems Matty has a back-up plan to bring in Croat, college prep product Sandi Marcius. Plus, he's being hyped by his coach, ex-Hoosier Delray Brooks...that can't be positive, can it?

While Nemmy was a solid Slav who contributed in his two seasons on campus, I kind of see this guy more like Chris Reid as Calasan had UK and other schools after him...and Reid was a "throw-in" of sorts with little major-conference interest. I think at this point, unless a player that was a long-term target is available, I'd either offer the schollie to a walk-on as a a one-season agreement OR use it next year for a player that would be a four-year fit...That's just me, though.

Painter's team does need depth at PF and Center, but if he's not going to play, it makes no sense.

Happy April 1st...I'm just glad the weather's nice. One year, when I was living in the Northeast, God played an April fools joke on all those living in Mass by dumping snow on us...I think our jokes were funnier.

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