Travis Is Growing Up

In case you haven't noticed -- and we know many of you don't realize there are other sites out there since this one is so awesome -- our friend Travis, who has been doing very thorough Boilermaker writing over at Off The Tracks has shed his skin like the snake that he is and moved on up (like the Jeffersons) to a fancier new place.

It's called Slammer and Nails. Or, no, wait... Blubber and Whales? Shoot, I can't remember... no, that's not it. Hammering Stacey Dales? No... hmmm... Black Heart Gold Penis? Wait, no... Ramming Hay Bales? No, despite being in Indiana, that's not it, either.

Ah, I'm sure it'll come to me and I'll be sure to let you know so you can go check it out.

(I got it! Jamming With Snails! Or... Scamming Always Fails? Ah, I'll come up with it.)

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