Beginning of the End

The Indianapolis Colts have enjoyed 10 or more wins/season for 9 of the past 10 years...and over 12 wins/season for the past six seasons. Much of the reason the Colts had such success, especially in the late 90s/early 00s was the offensive fire power trio of Harrison, Manning & James. James left town prior to the '06 season, and the Colts won a World Championship that year...But, huge changes during this off-season will probably spell the end of the golden era of the Colts franchise while in Indianapolis.

The most recent, the (unsurprising) announcement of Marvin Harrison being released by the team, seems to be the right move as he carries a hefty price tag and isn't even the second-most productive receiver in the Colts line-up any longer. That said, the void 88 will leave might not be filled during the remainder of Manning's career. Harrison and Manning's pre-season workouts and pre-game preparation are legendary, and the results of their labor are obvious. That said, it is definitely time for this potent duo to part ways.

While I believe Manning will still have very good numbers for the coming seasons, I don't know if 12 or 13 wins is a likelihood...and double-digit-win seasons might become more-and-more hard to come by in the near future.

My crystal ball says Jim Caldwell might be on an especially-short leash as Polian, Irsay and Co. all understand that the clock is ticking for Manning, arguably one of the top-5 QBs the league has ever seen.

If the Colts are the Atlanta Braves of the NFL, Harrison's departure might be equivalent to Greg Maddux heading out of the ATL following their '03 season.

Are you kidding me?

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