Does Anyone Remember What Billy Dicken Looked Like?

I've been meaning to share this little nugget that I've been meaning to find a time to share since... well, a couple of Saturdays ago. As Purdue was wrapping up winning their rightful property against IU in Bloomington, Joey Elliott tossed a late TD to Keith Smith that put The Duke over 3,000 yards passing in 2009. He thus became the fourth Purdue QB to accomplish this. And the Big Ten Network's crack graphics staff was ready, having had all game (and really, all week) to prepare their graphic. I'll share it here. Anyone notice anything wrong with this? (Click the image to see it larger.)

In case you couldn't tell from the headline, there's an issue with one of our old favorites, Billy Dicken. Here is Billy'

Wait, something's not correct there, right? I mean, all Purdue buffs know Billy Dicken wore #12!

Oh, and he wore a completely different era uniform.

Oh....and he was WHITE!

Yes, as you've probably figured out by now, the gentleman in the photo is Justin Siller, who only played in a handful of games for Purdue and did so in 2008, not 1997. In fact, here's an article that used the actual picture that the BTN used. Thing is, I don't even think the image is from the MSU game in that story, because that game was in East Lansing and Siller is wearing a home jersey. Meh, whatever. Point is, it's not Billy Dicken.

Of course, if you do a Google Images search on "Billy Dicken," guess what pic comes up first?

So I think we can see how hard BTN works to get things right.

Oh, and in case you are younger than us and are having a hard time remembering ole Billy, here he is:

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