More About Commercials

Yes, this is off-topic. Who cares?

(Put your hands down.)

I love well-made commercials. And I detest stupid ones. And most are stupid. My appreciation for good ones is probably because I'm a writer and I know how destroyed good concepts become after 900 people "tweak" and "edit" and "review" good stuff that people write. Sometimes simplicity or a subtle admittance of something makes it even better.

I was recently reminded of some commercials Cadillac ran just a couple of years ago, starting with Super Bowl XLII. I also am a bass player (poorly) and so I love heavy bass undertones (which you also might have figgered out if you listen to our podcast) so there's something refreshing I find about the way Caddy decided: Yes, the Escalade is badass and ridiculous. Let's just go with it.

He just admits it there. I also loved this one (never mind the weird android at the end):

And then, here's the final one with a woman. Who doesn't love a woman being sultry?

Gas prices were high (this wasn't like 1998 or something) and Cadillac just didn't care. Because why hide it? Then you're Hummer and you're trying to pretend you're something you're not. I loved it and I wish more advertisers would do that.

Instead, we have brain-dead crap with Howie Long telling us how fuel-efficient Chevys are. Awesome.


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