Don't Sleep On Goldy

As the stakes get higher, I have a tendency to think and analyze more. A few weeks ago as it looked like a possibility that the BT race was kind of out of Purdue's hands, I was just enjoying the ride and optimistic that something good might happen as the team gelled and everybody got healthy. Well, things could not have gone better in the last eight games for my favorite now, I'm getting analytical.

A few of the readers mocked my trepidation over Minnesota...and before you mock any further, check out some stats:

The Gophers are:
#1 in the BT in scoring offense
#3 in FG %
#1 in FG defense (Purdue #2)
#3 in 3pt % (Hoffarber leads the league in 3s made)...
at the same time, Purdue's 10th in the same statistical category
#1 in blocked shots (Purdue's 2nd, but a distant 2nd- 34 behind)
#1 in steals

Atop of these eye-poppers, Minny has depth. 11 players average double-digit minutes.

They're a good team and they're fighting for their post-season lives. While you might not think Minnesota's 16 wins should strike fear in Matty's club, I'd almost guarantee that Painter respects Smith's squad.

My first key to the game is on-ball defense and making sure Purdue's switches effectively as Smith tries to get Westbrook and Hoffarber open looks. The second has been a key to this run- rebounding. Both Hummel and Johnson must control the glass.

This one is pivotal, in my opinion.

Did you need a reason to hate Goldy? Here you go.

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