Tom Izzo Thinks a Lot of Other Teams Are Good

Tom Izzo was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and discussed a number of topics. At one point, Dan asked him who the best team was he'd seen this year.

Izzo began by mentioning Texas (which is free-falling its way out of the Top 25 at this point, but which beat MSU so they must be good...right?) and then also discussed Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse.....

No mention of the number 3 team in the land, though. The team that took his squad behind the shed in their own house. The team that smoked his Final Four team by 18 last year. The team that he's got to go visit this Sunday.

The only mention of Purdue was when Dan wished him luck against Purdue this Sunday. No discussion of the Big Ten race. No talk about whether or not that's a big game.

We get accused sometimes of being hypersensitive to the lack of respect Purdue gets, but again, to reiterate -- it's not such a bad thing. Keep underestimating our boys.

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