Groundhog Day

Last week, versus a better opponent than his Boilers, Joe Tiller's team was exposed as a pretender. This week, versus a more-talented Michigan team, Tiller's bunch was flat-out embarrassed.

Regular visitors to our site know that I thought this was a loss back in August...I didn't think it'd be a game that should have been a 50-point loss in a 27-point loss' clothing. I'm pretty sure that Purdue will lose all of the games remaining on the schedule in which they are not favored. Where's that leave us? I don't know because a lot can happen to both Purdue and the competition in the next 5 weeks. But, I can tell you that Tiller should stop wasting the Boiler fans time and money and tell them not to even show up for games versus "better" competition...God knows the coaches have already told the players that there's no need to take the field.

Is this garbage getting old for EVERYBODY now? I don't think Tiller deserves to be fired, but I am past being ready for him to retire. Football is a game that needs emotion and "fire in the gut" to be played at a high level. Purdue's team and coaches look to me, that they have lost the fire. Last year it was Penn State and Wisconsin who took Purdue's will and urinated all over it. This year (so far) it's been Ohio State and Michigan. While I am not, nor will not question the effort out of the players, I will absolutely question the game plan and preparation by the coaches.

Tiller's philosophy of "no big games" makes itself more and more obvious each year. What it breaks down to is this- Purdue will beat teams that are simply not good and lose, or worse yet, get crushed when playing teams that have winning records...Our Boilers records have been inflated the last four years with wins over MAC opponents and the bottom third of the Big Ten. This year looks to be no different and Purdue will go to yet another midling bowl...Good news Boiler fans, the commute to the bowl might be easy this post-season as Detroit's Motor City Bowl seems to be a distinct possibility, to me. Let's hope the opponent isn't a team with a record much better than .500.

While the season is not over and there is a lot of football yet to be played, trends of the previous three seasons have once again made themselves evident...October continues to be a month off for Tiller & Co. Good teams continue to control our Boilers. And finally, Purdue's coaching staff looks to be extremely content being unranked, uninspired and unchanged from previous campaigns.

Painter played poorly as did Bryant, Lymon, Sheets, the defensive backfield and others...but I am not blaming the 19 & 20 year olds. I'm blaming the leadership for presenting a storyline that has become more-than-tired & completely predictable to the Purdue faithful over the past few seasons.

Let me close with one more point- I think I'd really like Joe Tiller as a neighbor and if we were acquaintances or friends. That said, I'm just pretty worn-out with him as the coach of my alma mater.

Now I remember...

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