An Outside Source Confirms Purdue Alumni at Ross-Ade Kind of Suck

Okay, well, there's more to it than that. Paul at Stadium Journey visited Ross-Ade for the debacle against Toledo. Here is his report.

Kudos to the students, band, tailgaters (even the alums) for giving Paul a good showing and helping him come away with an overall very positive impression of Purdue. These are the things we like to hear:

Purdue, and Ross-Ade Stadium may not be on most college football fans must see list, but there is a great value to be found here. This may be a basketball state, but northern Indiana definitely appreciates its football too. If you have the opportunity, don’t miss out on a great experience: Ross-Ade Stadium.

And I find it very interesting that Paul also noted what we've all been observing for years now:

The Purdue student section is something special. Seeing the thousands of young men and women cheering and gesturing “Boiler-Up!” in unison, is really an impressive sight. The alumni, on the other hand, are rather tame, and sure seem to have a penchant to give up on their team quickly if things don’t go well. I think they love Purdue, and being on campus, I just don’t think football is all that important to them.

Obviously, we all know there are many Purdue alums who love the football program and want nothing more than for it to succeed. But there is a signifcant portion of alums -- who we still can't figured out why they even go to games to sit on their hands and shoot dirty looks at fellow Boilermakers -- who have sullied the name of Purdue fans. So congratulations, miserable old people. You're now being noticed for how pathetic you really are. Thanks for that.

PU-NU Predictorama