PU-NU Predictorama

Wildcats take aim at the Boilermakers...in PRIME TIME BAY-BEE!!

So here we are. On the eve of the start of conference play for our Boilermakers and already it kind of feels like the season is over in some ways. And that's a bad thing, to be sure. Make no mistake -- we'll be supporting our boys all the way to the finish line, but there's a pall over the program right now and tomorrow night's game can go a long way towards improving things or pushing them further over the edge. What do your friendly, neighborhood BS'ers think?

Boilerdowd sez:

Heading to the beach for the afternoon...this is abridged.

Henry runs effectively and the offense moves the ball in small chunks...but will struggle to score points. At the same time, NU will bait Purdue with the dink and dunk then exploit the linebackers and safeties after they creep to the line again and again.

Bonus: look for a big failure on Special Teams to put the game out of reach.

NU 38
Purdue 17

Tim sez:

Equally short and bitter and to the point.

Purdue cannot score.
Purdue cannot prevent other team from scoring.

Northwestern shouldn't even be in the same realm as Purdue but in fact will dominate the game and irritate me thoroughly.

Northwestern 32
Purdue 17

J sez:

Everything we've seen up to now points to an outcome like my cohorts are suggesting. However, I don't think the season is over for guys like Ryan Kerrigan. I think the defense comes out strong and the team is fired up. If they have it in them to fight for the reputation and perhaps ultimate survival of their coach -- who they all seem to love -- this is the time. Saturday night game, under the lights, against a ranked 5-0 team. A team, by the way, who is due for a stinker themselves.

Purdue 27
NU 24

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