Back From My Own All-Star Break

Being the All-Star Blogger that I am, I deserved a break in the middle of the summer, too, so I took the last week off. A picture from my week at the beach is included here:

Yeeeah, boyeeeeee!

Fat chicks man... they provide heat in the winter and shade in the summer. But enough about our readership's dating history (yeah, that's right -- I just slammed all of you in one shot).

So Tim's back from Hawaii, I'm back from the East coast beaches, and Boilerdowd is back from... well... rumor has it he ventured out of his basement (yes, he actually blogs from his basement -- if only it were his mom's basement, the cliche would be complete).

Anyhow, tonight is the Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium and the baseball site Home Run Derby has some thoughts on it and how you should celebrate it. Hey, it's the one day you should all link to HRD, which is, by the way, an all-around terrific site on all days.

In addition, that dude who still thinks he's like 11 and tries to nab balls at MLB stadiums will be in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium tonight for the derby. I think it's kind of funny that he's excited about being in the second row of Section 43 of the bleachers. Section 43 is the last section before the "black seats" -- the center field section of bleachers into which less than thirty players have ever hit a home run. They very rarely go into Section 43. So good luck with that, dude. I'm not saying there won't be home runs that can reach Section 43 -- it's just no going to be many.

Back to work, clowns. Your homework assignment for tonight -- watch the Home Run Derby and do so with the volume on. He who lasts the longest listening to Berman and Joe Morgan without taking out their own eardrums wins a special prize.

I missed you guys like a fat kid misses cake.

HR Derby Misc Thoughts

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