HR Derby Misc Thoughts

That was rather ridonkulous last night. I think I became a Josh Hamilton fan watching the HR derby. Normally, I'm a bit wary of recovering addicts like him because it seems as though it's impossible to shake such strong addictions -- especially living a ballplayer's life. And I also think our praise and admiration should be saved for people who overcome things that aren't of their own doing, such as diseases like cancer. But again, I think I'm a Hamilton fan. The dude is just so respectful and seemingly appreciative of his newfound second chance in MLB. And bringing a 71 year old BP pitcher who has always thrown BP to less fortunate kids was a really nice touch. Of course, making the old-timer throw over 80 pitches was kind of funny.

It also doesn't matter that Justin Morneau won. Nice guy and all, but those bombs that Hamilton hit were kind of otherworldly. I've never seen someone bounce one off the back wall behind the bleachers in right. That was insane. And three homers over 500 feet? Like I said: ridonkulous.

Other amusing/entertaining moments from last night's dopefest...

Joe Morgan being his general idiotic self. At one point, Hamilton blasts one and Joe says, "I think he finally just made an out." And then the ball lands in the upper deck. Outstanding.

At another point, they're all telling the stories about what Hamilton has overcome to get back here and Joe says, "Well, all those stories are nice, but I'm most impressed that he could be away from major league pitching for three years and still come back at this level."

Forgetting for a moment how obnoxious it is to suggest not losing your timing in the batter's box is more impressive/significant than coming back from fricking heroin addiction, let's instead remind Joe Morgan that Hamilton hadn't even been above AA baseball when he was bounced out and suspended for a few years. So he hadn't ever seen major league pitching. So shut up, Joe.

And yet another awesome Joe Morgan moment was during the finals when Hamilton's BP guy -- probably exhausted -- forgot to switch to the gold ball that they use when each guy has 9 outs and each homer hit with it sends money to charity. Hamilton realized it immediately and took the pitch, saying "Hey, use the gold ball." It was audible to us at home via the on-field microphones. But a moment later, Joe Morgan says, "I think he just told his pitcher to slow it down because he's a little tired." Yes, Joe. I'm sure that's it. I'm sure a major league hitter wanted a 71-year-old pitcher to take a little heat off his fastball. You're a retard.

To those clowns such as Iracane over at Walk off Walk who got pissy because of something he perceived Yankee fans of insulting Hamilton when the Rangers were in New York two weeks ago, what did you all think of the New York fans standing and chanting Hamilton's name?

After the HR Derby, which Justin Morneau won with 13 less total homers than Hamilton (seriously, MLB, people already make fun of this event -- are you trying to make it even harder to like?), ESPN began showing the Celebrity and Legends Softball Game, which was played Sunday afternoon.

First up, Gary Thorne, always good for some idiocy, comments that this softball game is "being played in front of 50,000 people." Almost on cue, the overhead blimp shot shows no more than about 15,000 in Yankee Stadium.

Then we see Wade Boggs, who went into the Hall of Fame wearing a f-cking Tampa Bay hat, signing autographs in... of course... a Yankee cap. Get lost, you wife-beating, crying loser. You weren't even on the field when you won your latch-on World Series with the Yanks. Charlie Hayes caught that final out at third base.

And a final "celebrity" moment (at least a final one I was able to watch before turning off the TV) was Chris Rock making an absolute fool out of himself, swinging mightily and missing twice and then taking a third strike. He can't even hold a bat and reminds me of the girls we used to ask to fill in on our co-ed work softball team who had never held a bat before. What an embarrassment. I think I might opt out of this kind of event if I were Rock.

Jordan Brewer, we hardly knew ya.

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