The Preempted Handsome Hour -- TONIGHT

That's right, the Handsome Hour is back tonight.

"But wait, J, the Boilermakers of Purdue play the Golden Gophers of Minnesota this evening at 8:30 PM, Eastern!"

Yes, and so we're going to preempt the start of the Handsome Hour by 30 minutes and go on at approximately 10:30 PM, Eastern, to accommodate. So this way, you can watch the game and listen to us live. In fact, after the game, you know you're going to have some thoughts, one way or the other, so give us a call and discuss at (347) 945-5560. Write it on a bathroom wall if you want.

As of now, we really don't have a set agenda and I'll probably be in transit during the show, so we're sure to have all sorts of technical snafus, so why bog things down with structure? Just call and we'll shoot the breeze.

Oh, and we'll do our best to keep it to just one hour.

Oh, what's that? You like as much Handsomeness as you can get? Well, not everyone does, and we've been called out for having too long a show. So direct your complaints to TelePunk over at Hammer and Rails ( or via Twitter @jberlako).

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