Clash of the Titans -- Purdue vs. Michigan

[Editor's Note: When I did a Google Image Search on "clash of the titans," this picture of Jennifer Connelly came up. Who am I to argue with Google? Those are indeed....titanic.]

The powerhouse that is the 2008 Purdue Boilermakers football program faces down the juggernaut that is the Michigan Wolverines football program this Saturday in Ross-Ade Stadium at Noon sharp in front of a sellout a packed house thousands of some fans.

We sat down with Maize n Brew to have a little discussion about it. Our questions and his answers are here. Check out Maize n Brew for the other half of the interview, when they got to ask us questions.

Boiled Sports: So here we are, two 2-6 teams, but from where we sit Michigan's 2-6 is really of the hard-luck variety, wouldn't you agree? A break here, a break there, and Rich Rodriguez has this team in national title contention.... right?

Maize n Brew: Well, the way I see it, Michigan might as well be 8-0, and I don't think a National Title bid is out of the question. I've come up with this gameplan to emphasize how Michigan could still win the national title, and really, I think it's possible... just replace "Australia" with "Michigan."

BS: Do you ever get tired of watching the singular awesomeness of Steve Threet? I mean, it's just amazing... he's like Terrell Pryor's twin. Am I right?

MnB: You might have Painter making a run at the Heisman, but for my money, there isn't a quarterback more exciting to watch than Steven Threet. Passes fly through the air like Monarch butterflies on the breeze of a rainbow, hanging....hanging....hanging up there. And have you seen this kid run? He's like the PETA approved version of Mike Vick, so much in fact that he often times drops the ol' pigskin just so he doesn't upset anyone. We've told him it's not really a pigskin, but the kid's got his head so screwed on that he does it anyways, just to be sure.

BS: I don't know about you, but I have to imagine UM fans are confident, perhaps to the point of cocky, going into this weekend's tilt against Purdue. Is there ANY way you guys lose this game?

MnB: Please, you're too kind. If anything, I think this is a blowout in Purdue's favor. I mean, look at the talent on that squad! Sheets, Painter, Running backs playing quarterback, cats and dogs, LIVING TOGETHER.

BS: Clearly, the national media has realized the significance of this game... we're in the primo, highly-desirable 12 noon timeslot. I assume you agree that the only better time to play is at 9 AM on a Tuesday morning... which is perhaps where this game should be.

MnB: I'm actually surprised that ESPN hasn't been running the countdown on the ticker. Blatant anti-Big Ten bias if you ask me.

BS: Michigan's players are used to playing in front of 109K fans every week. How will they deal with the deafening silence emitted from 40,000 fans at Ross-Ade? Hand signals? Clapping? Scoring touchdowns?

MnB: I'm not sure how Michigan's going to handle the raucous Ross-Ade crowd. I've heard they've been practicing to the sound of crickets overlayed on the jingle from Burger King's Steakhouse Shroom 'n Swiss song. Rodriguez never stops gameplanning, my friend. He's ready for you wastrels.


Tune in to Maize n Brew to read the other half of this enchanting interview... wherein we get to answer the questions.

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