My Favorite Moment of the College Football Season So Far

There haven't been a whole bunch of moments during this football season that have been enjoyable to me (don't know if you know this, but I'm a Purdue fan). But, last night's Cincy v. USF game yielded a surprising one. I'm kind of a sucker for athletes acting like human beings...or even more, being good guys. During the game last night, we saw a good example of that.

Cincinnati's QB, Tony Pike, was looking to score on a long pass thrown to Mardy Gilyard..the pass was just a bit overthrown and Gilyard's momentum took him into the stands (I have no idea why there is no gate on this entry from the stands). In the first row, watching the game with some other young Bearcat fans was 7 year old, Garrett Monroe.

Gilyard didn't hit Monroe squarely, but seemed to catch him with his left knee. It knocked down Monroe and brought him to immediate tears. Gilyard jumped up, gave Garrett a hug and picked him up to console him. The thing I like most about the moment is that it wasn't canned; it was reactionary. Gilyard probably felt pretty awful and did his best to make the situation better. I don't know anything about him, but I really appreciate the way he reacted.

Monroe's night wasn't done though; his pain was further lessened by Erin Andrews interviewing him...then his buddies asked for his autograph after his appearance on TV. Honestly, the only thing that bothered me was that the youn Monroe was wearing an aOSU cap.

Other Notes
Here's the good news- two nights ago the MLB season went out with a whimper as the World Series proved to be the least-watched WS ever. The bad news is the NBA and NHL are both back. Ugh. My Grandpa's old team started the season where they left off last season...and despite their new roster, they're 0-1. Check back into Boiled Sports every 5 or 6 weeks for Pacers updates.

Purdue's exhibition season starts tonight as our Boilers host the Florida Souther Moccasins...I'm looking forward to listening to it on the radio between trick-or-treat stops with my son.

College basketball season can't come soon enough...The Colts are pretty lousy right now as the young offensive line isn't up to snuff yet, and the rest of the offense doesn't look much better. I don't blame the defense; that unit's simply not designed to carry that team. So between the Colts on Sundays and Purdue on Saturdays, this fall's been awesome for me as a sports fan. The good news is my yard looks really good just in time for winter.

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