Dallas, anyone??

The NCAA has approved some more bowls...Thank God!! The Pinstripe Bowl, which J Money will attend each year, I'm sure. Bad news in that bowl is both teams must wear baseball unis. Who doesn't wanna play in the Bronx in late-December??
Second, the Dallas Football Classic will have hundreds riveted as the #7 team from the Big 12 will square off against the #6 team in the Big Ten. Oh joy! I'm positive this bowl will be extremely-profitable...much like the Motor City Bowl which actually costs teams to play in.

Don't get me wrong, I love football. But, please, no more crappy bowls...There are already too many.

Pickles Redux
About 4 weeks ago, Clausen was a guy who was little-more than an also-ran for the, then, up-coming draft. But as we got closer-and-closer to the draft, Mel Kiper's hair kept talking about how great of a prospect Jimmy was (number 4 player in the whole thing, in fact). With the hype machine of EsPN behind him, our favorite guy had a ton of momentum behind him going into the worst sports TV event of the year...or so the network thought. Turns out, NFL GMs like Liberace...errrrrrr....Clausen as much as we do. And, acting like a d-bag doesn't pay off for anybody in the long run. That's heartening.

Let's think back to about 9 months ago...how different things were. The Manatee and Pickles were heading into a sure-fire, at minimum, 10-win season with the world at their feet and the media on their side. Tonight, in day 2 of Jimmy's draft saga, we saw him squirm as he went the route of Kyle Orton's backup...but, that lucky dog got the undivided attention of Erin Andrews. Dag-nabbit, maybe things do work out for a-holes.

And speaking of, Kiper, McShay, Lunardi, other heads...dammit I can't stand these dudes. I really have no clue how they got on TV...and not only did they get jobs, but they keep them- while being wrong all the time.

Mike Neal
It's kinda frustrating and great at the same time that Mike Neal was picked in the second round this evening. We heard for much of his career from Tiller, Hope, Williams and others that he was an NFL player...turns out they were all right. Sad thing about it, we didn't get to see Neal go all-Anthony Spencer on the BT during any of his seasons at Purdue. Maybe it's because he was double and triple-teamed for much of his career, maybe it's because he was never in the right system/position...who knows. But now, he's off to be an ambassador for Purdue in the league...Congrats to Big Mike!

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