Boiler Free Agents & Thoughts

A couple more Boilers will be getting their shot to make money playing football. Sure, it's an uphill battle they'll face, but I'm glad their getting a look.

-King to Indy
The Colts are pretty rich on defense right now, especially after their draft. But, they lost a few guys in the defensive backfield. That said, they also picked up two in the draft, so the front office thinks there's a need- that's good...but it'll take a pretty big effort for Brandon to find his way onto the roster.

-Elliott to Philly (Kolb, Vick & Kafka also in Phil.)
Depending on what happens with Vick, Elliott might have a shot to make this roster. The biggest shame about what we saw last year, in my opinion, was that his shoulder wasn't 100% for much of '09 following his surgery the prior season.

-Pender also to Philly
Lots of experienced, and good corners on the roster in King, this is a tough position to walk into.

-Zwilling to Tampa Bay
Zwilling's ability to play multiple positions might prove useful as the Bucs have a couple of experienced centers in front of him...but all indicators are he'll be a tackle at the next level, if he gets on a roster.

NBA Playoffs
Not much to write about here, for me at least. I've admitted it multiple times- I'm not a fan of the NBA...but I enjoy playoff basketball as it's actually worth something. Sure, the playoffs are too long- the first round series should still be 5 games (in my opinion) and I can't stand the lengthy gap between each game. It kinda kills enthusiasm from the casual fan like myself.

But, I like what's happened in the LA/OKC series. The Thunder's arena feels like a college venue, their team is really young and they play the game fast and with active feet. Plus, it's great seeing Kobe getting beaten...just doesn't happen enough, in my opinion.

That said, I'm still experiencing shakes and sweats as I withdraw into the cold, dry desert of my sports year. I'll enjoy May in least half the month, this year...but it's not the same. Already looking forward to August.

Turning Point: 2007

Dallas, anyone??