Football Notes

Award Stickers
Many of you have probably noticed that our Boilers don't seem to have hammer stickers on the helmet as the team did under Tiller...Well actually, they do, just less of them. Coach Hope's award sticker philosophy is that everyone on the team gets a sticker after each win...So, they all have three, so far.

"They can do the math"
According to Hope, the team's not focusing on a bowl, but they're not ignoring the possibility either. He also said the team's excited about playing this week...and winning has helped invigorate the squad. But, he's holding the line saying that they're focused on the week's opponent and taking it one game at a time.

"We like it."
Hope didn't have a whole lot to say when asked if the all-black unis were here to say other than, "We like it...They like it." So, all black unis might not be permanent fixture, but everybody seems to like 'em.

Burnin' the shirts a good thing in the long-run
Hope talked about Ken Plue and Dennis Kelly's experience and how important their play in '08 is to the '09 team. I get the idea that Hope wouldn't hesitate burning anyone's redshirt if they're needed as he sees PT as very important in the long run.

Fullback Carousel
Jared Crank started the season at fullback...then Frank the tank played a few Dan Dierking has played a game at the position. It seems he likes each of them at the position and makes his decision based on how they practice each week...The good thing is it seems they can all play the position well. The odd thing, of course, is the fact that Dierking is 50-70 lbs lighter than Crank and Halliburton.

Upon Further Review
In my opinion, it's great to see guys like Taylor, McBurse and Higgs playing. But, it's even better that these guys are playing since Bolden and Werner need the aid at their positions. If you've watched the last few games on tape, you've probably noticed both 24 & 23 limping at time-to-time between plays. Granted, they both continue to play at a pretty-high level, but I think if they're both forced to play too many consecutive plays, the results will show that they're not 100%.

Something else to think about, on the same topic- Purdue's team has been relatively-healthy for most of the season. This is great news, especially since depth is a question at some positions. But, it might be the fact that many of these guys are just motivated to play hurt...Could be the captains and senior class that's the motivating factor, could be the coach...but, it's clear that a ton of guys have continued to play with bumps and bruises. This mental toughness is nothing but positive.

Good 'n horrible
As you all know, Purdue is on a winning streak. Sure, it's not much of one, but did you realize this is the first two-game winning streak since the '07 season? October of that season to be exact. Holy moly it's good to see things like that being put to bed.

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