Coaches Poll Shravesty.

Alright, we know UND "proved they're a good team"...and Weis thought "they did some very good things" on Saturday, but seriously, what two other coaches voted for them in the coaches poll? Perhaps Skip Holtz (as a favor to his pops) and...uh...Rich Rodriguez to inflate the Irish before they play them? I don't get it...But I only watched about 20 games last weekend. Clearly, I need to put aside more time for collegiate football so I can see why UND is Returning to Glory.

On a serious note, the Manatee had a chance to rub the Aztecs face in their crushing defeat, Saturday...but he sat on the ball during the last Irish drive. Is it possible that Chuck has learned humility during the '07 campaign? Naaaah. Regardless if he has or hasn't, that was the right thing to do- Hats off to the fat man.

I watched my hometown's professional football team last night...Yikes! To me, they actually looked worse than the score indicated. Things the Colts faithful have become accustomed to were not there...and too me, it seems like all is not lost. The simple fact that Manning hasn't practiced but two full weeks has everything to do with I witnessed last night. While his footwork looked surprisingly good, his audibles were off and the offense's timing was lousy. Marvin Harrison's fumble didn't help anything either...That guy's been the second or third-best receiver on the Colts for two or three years now.

Key injuries to Saturday, then Clark and Addai's temporary injury aren't good either...but the Colts have won with a skeleton crew before. Manning needs to get his reps and get back up to speed in a hurry. God knows that defense needs to play with a lead.

I watched yesterday's season-ending race in its entirety- very fun to watch. Much like Texas, Chicagoland is a fast track that allows cars to run side-by-side for laps at a time and the packs of 9 were both fun and very tense to watch. The last two laps were as good as the rest of the race and the ending was as good as I've ever seen.

I'm looking forward to next season and hope to see other ex-open wheelers join Franchitti back on the circuit in '09.

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