Did You Know ESPN Kind of Sucks?

I'll bet you did. Yet we're all left with the same dilemma -- what else can we watch? ESPN has a stranglehold on sports television and, though they often suck terrible, they're the most comprehensive as well. Mainly because they're like the Starship Enterprise and just consume everything in their path. Or is a better metaphor that they're like the aliens in Independence Day? Hard to say.

But not for Phil Mushnick. He thinks ESPN sucks and he isn't afraid to say so, going so far as to call Chris Berman "ESPN's head clown." Hee. Don't be surprised if ESPN puts a hit out on Mushnick now.

In the same column, he also comes down hard on Mike Francesa, who, if you've never had the displeasure of listening to on WFAN radio in New York, well, consider yourself lucky.

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