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Chaos for Colts
A few months ago, I talked about how the loss of Harrison, Dungy and others might signal the end of an era in Indy. Some of you didn't buy it...sadly, it looks like I'm proving to be correct in this case.

Both Manning and Saturday spoke up about the lack of leadership at Colts pre-camp yesterday. The story was first broken here locally, but was picked up by EsPN later in the evening. It's noteworthy as Manning isn't someone who usually talks about coaching issues to the media...and he's had to deal with them in his career.

While I understand the logistics of the NFL pension plan and the problems that were created with changes to the policy for older coaches, I also know that what's happening right now for the Colts isn't acceptable. Furthermore, this is a bad sign of what might be to come under Caldwell if stability isn't reached in the next two weeks. They've already had wholesale changes on the staff, to not have someone clearly in charge of the most-important team unit is pretty egregious.

Tracy In
I don't like everything about Paul Tracy, but I do think the guy has stones...he's good for racing due to the simple fact that he's fearless and seems to display some of the grit of drivers from last generation...maybe that's why Foyt was so apt to give him a shot this week in Wisconsin. Hopefully, AJ decides Tracy is a good fit...and they can come to an agreement for the majority of the races left on the Indy Car Series schedule...Could be very good TV, if nothing else- You know Foyt and Tracy would end up fist-fighting after the Canadian gets overly agressive.

Tim's the Cavs fan on this site...but I think it's fair to say that both J and I are pulling for his squad to get to the finals. Watching the game last night, it's pretty clear that Bron has lost faith in his supporting cast. Last series, he was looking to dish the ball first and shoot second or third...Now, he's forcing the issue more than we've seen all season. I think it's a confluence of issues coming together to form the demise of the Cavs right now. First off, they're facing a Magic team that's shooting really well and forcing the Cavs to chase them on the defensive end of the court. Plus, the Cavs have no answer for Dwight Howard- an aging Z and Wallace tandem can't stay with him...and Verejao doesn't have the strength to provide enough resistence in the blocks. Atop that, Mo Williams and other Cavs simply aren't shooting the ball well-enough to keep the Magic honest.

It's going to take a big change for the Cavs to get to the finals and Nike's commercial investment in the Bron/Kobe rival to pay off. The digs from Kobe about all of his rings will be a lot less-funny for Bron if he's watching the ads during a Magic/Lakers Championship series.

A friend of mine is comparing the hype of Kobe v. Lebron to something that many of you might not remember...

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