Justin Siller: We hardly knew ye.

Today we learned that Purdue quarterback, Justin Siller was kicked out of Purdue for what looks to be cheating or something along those lines (though it hasn't been released by the university). While I'm surprised by it, you can't be sad too long about something that is completely out of your control as a fan...This is an opportunity, perhaps for Elliott, perhaps for Ter Bush or one of the Freshman...but it definitely opens up the QB race.

I met Justin at the spring game last season...and I was impressed by him. Nice kid, humble, articulate, generally sharp...my wife liked him too, probably because, like her husband, he's a handsome devil...but also because she thought he seemed like a "good kid". Now, I'm not saying he's not, but I'm surprised this has happened to him.

Regardless what comes next for him, I wish him well and hope he gets his degree...at either Purdue or elsewhere.
If we never see Siller in a Purdue uniform again, I think most of us, and UM fans as well, will remember him for his tremendous performance v. the Wolverines last season.

Good luck, #5.

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