Worthless MLB Predictions, Part 2

Alex loves himself more than anybody.

Part 1 was the National League and was yesterday. Now on to the American League.

AL West

LA Angels – They barely have to show up and they win this division every year.
Oakland – Billy Beane hasn’t impressed people in a while, though Matt Holliday and Jason Giambi will help. Not enough, though.
Texas – Plenty of offense, not enough pitching. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Seattle – Awful 2008 team lost good players and didn’t add anyone good. Not a good formula.

AL Central

Cleveland – Even without CC, they’re a good, evenly balanced team. Enough to win the Central.
Minnesota – No matter what, they always mystically compete. Credit Gardenhire.
Detroit – Remember last year when everyone thought they were WS favorites? Hee!
Chicago White Sox – Ozzie Guillen is a crazy nutball leading an aging team. Decline time.
Kansas City – Still a year or two away, though there is an opening this year with no dominant team in this division.

AL East

NY Yankees – Overloaded with talent, they have to win or Girardi loses his job.
Boston – Overloaded with talent, but like to pretend they are Tiny Tim to the Yankees.
Tampa Bay – Overachieved last year and won’t be able to duplicate it.
Toronto – Poor Blue Jays. Would win any NL division but can’t get a sniff in this one.
Baltimore – One of the poorest-run franchises in pro sports. Irrelevant.

Justin Siller: We hardly knew ye.

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