Damian Johnson Still Delusional...other notes

Damian Johnson is a good player...one might even say talented...but he's got an awful problem- His version of reality, and everyone else's don't jive.

Johnson told us about Purdue not being too talented leading up to the game...everyone outside of Johnson's apartment...no, bedroom, disagrees with this assessment. And after Minny's painful loss, DJ continued his verbal incontinence...first to the refs, then to the media.

I'm not going to give this crazy man any more of our web space by quoting him. But, if you love Harry Potter, Drumline, Pretty Woman (Telepunk5's favorite) or any other movie that sweeps you away from the troubles of your life, you'll savor Damian Johnson's rants. Enjoy.

click on the photo of Grant...it's an awesome shot (if you're a Purdue fan)

(Thanks to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune for some EXCELLENT photos of the game)

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