Fact Fondue - The Badgers

We're going to Wisconsin after they have suffered two losses, but the Boilermakers don't care, they don't give a shit. Let's take a deeper look at these lovely folks who put up the most points since WW2 on IU last year.

Idea: all we have to do is kill the Batman.

  • Remember LuvShack? It used to be a shared experience between Wisky and Purdue - we both had one.
    • The Boilermaker Calzone? They called it the Red Badger Courage.
  • Also a land grant university
    • They have a statue of Abe on campus for this reason
  • The Mascot's official name is Buckingham U Badger
    • They used a real badger for a while, but it was too fierce to contain...
    • We are specifically named in the Wikipedia article for Bucky trying to pick a fight with Purdue Pete
    • A book store in Wisconsin was instrumental in creating Bucky, much like Pete, except ours didn't go to court to see who owned it..
  • According to a sterling member of the Purdue Twirlers, Wisconsin is ineligible to host bands because of their own band's track record for misbehaving
    • When they visited Purdue last year, many members were seen on field in half uniform even.
    • The Wisky Band was also given a travel ban recently
    • Consider this 'Lack of Institutional Control' marching band style.
  • In 1947, Purdue played Wisc in basketball at Lambert. The student section collapsed and sent 166 students to the hospital and 2 died.
  • The locker room for the visiting team is painted using the same paint they do in Wisconsin Prisons.
  • The students officially chant "Fuck you" and "Eat shit" during Kick offs
  • The well known 'Jump Around' tradition was started after it was played to rally the '98 5-0 Badgers on Homecoming to come from behind to beat...the Purdue Boilermakers.
  • Ranked #3 on the top party school's by Playboy
    • MTV also did a documentary about student life on campus
  • Alumni
    • 6 Astronauts, including Lovell
    • Charles Linberg
    • 4 Purdue Professors ranging from History to Chemical Engineering
    • Danny Phantom's parents in the self titled cartoon show
    • Dick Cheney

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