BS Turns The Big Oh-Five

Sunday, November 6, will mark the five year birthday of Boiled Sports. My, how time marches relentlessly forward.

The BS staff working to build something

In those 1,826 days, we've cobbled together just over 2,600 posts, which works out to almost one and a half posts per day. We're actually not usually much for numbers when it comes to evaluating this little endeavor, but I know that I for one am pretty proud of that kind of consistency. You see a lot of blog sites come and go, many of which start strong for a few days or even weeks and then suddenly peter out as the proprietor realizes it's not easy to come up with content on a never-ending basis.

When we launched Boiled Sports on November 6, 2006, our Boilers were only two years removed from the fumble debacle versus Wisconsin, Joe Tiller was still Purdue's head coach and the "Baby Boilers" were not yet toddling onto campus. The St. Louis Cardinals had just won the World Series (weird), Boiledowd had a full, bushy head of hair, and Tim still posted here. It was like a magic land.

Since then, we've all aged a bit more, entire classes have come and gone from Purdue, and the Boiled Sports child count has increased by 3 (in addition to the overgrown children who run this site).

The BS guys welcome THuff

We've even taken on our first, on-campus writer, the man/myth/legend THuff, who back in '06 was still hiding his dirty magazines under his mattress (now he hides them in the folds of his calculus book -- such a pro).

Playing well with others?

We never really cared if we played well with others. Sure, if people liked us, that was great... but if they didn't, well, that probably meant we were doing something right. If your opinions are real enough to piss people off, then they are at the very least honest. We've tried our best to be honest, above all else, with you.

As a result of our sometimes abrasive nature, we've made some.... non-friends. I don't want to say enemies because this is only opinion-writing we're doing here. In the end, ours is no more valuable than anyone else's. And we really mean that.

We've also made some friends -- virtual friends -- who we love to death. Those of you who get us and give it right back, who appreciate our bratty humor and give it back....we seriously love you guys and girls. Some of these friends aren't even Boilers, per se, but we've formed a bond with them due to being like-minded wise-asses.

I try to remember to thank you all each year around this time and this year is no different. We started this site because we all used to email one another multiple times a week with our thoughts on Purdue sports, as well as other things, that were rattling around in our heads. We kept an email string going usually for months at a time and it got us to consider the possibility that maybe we should make these thoughts more widely available -- especially considering the (at the time) seeming dearth of Purdue sports outlets. That's how BS was born. How it has evolved to where it is now is something we're still frequently (and humbly) amazed at.

Thanks very much for reading, listening and caring -- about Purdue and about what we have to say. It's flattering and we will continue to do our best to make stopping at our particular Uniform Resource Locator.

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