Pukey Purdue Predictions

So, if Purdue plays a game versus Michigan and no one watches, does it actually count?

We'll see this Saturday as I attend a game between two once-proud football teams in Ross-Ade Stadium. If you're going too, flag me down in the stands...I'll be the other moron watching with you.

Sadly, the 45,000 fans that are there will be witnessing a game hosting a big bunch of Purdue's recruits for the class of '09...Let's hope Danny Hope deserves a big, hot cup of coffee Saturday evening; it is, afterall for closers only.

This game looks to be the first start of Justin Siller's career as a quarterback. Siller, who Tiller thought would be the next great Purdue QB (as the season of '07 ended) after Painter graduated, was moved to RB (Tiller said at that time he could be one of the best all-time RBs when by the time his Purdue career ended) has now been taking snaps with the ones in practice for a whole week...He should be much improved from the 10-play list he was working with last week.

Tim says:
Haven't you realized that I prefer not to think about that team unless I have to?

Who are they playing again?

Does it matter?

Might as well be 1997 Wolverines - 22
Sugar Coated Chocolate Frosted Suck Bombs - 10

J Says:

We can no longer score with any regularity and Curtis Painter is possible (definitely?) out for this weekend... which, really, might not be that big a deal. So what are going to be held to? 3 instead of 6? At least with Siller it feels like there's a chance for an exciting play. I know he only threw for 73 yards against Minnesota but I liked some of his passes. Confident, accurate, decent amount of zip on them. If we would go back to the frenetic pass-to-set-up-the-pass with the little outs and dump-offs, it could work for a while. Of course, even a lousy 2-6 UM team knows we have zero deep passing ability so they'll adjust to this if we try it. So what does that mean? It means nothing. Michigan is having a pretty terrible season, too, though they did beat Wisconsin so we know they can win a Big Ten game. Purdue cannot... at least so far. And I see no reason to expect them to suddenly not go into their traditional fetal position against Michigan. Sure, we can beat 'em... maybe we even SHOULD since we're both 2-6 and it's in WestLaf. But you and I both know we won't. And that's what's really sad.

Michigan 24
Purdue 10

Boilerdowd says:
Look for the Boilers to be hitting on all cylinders as the offense scores in a wide-array of methods with a dizzying barrage of fantastic play-calling...Oh, I'm kidding.

Michigan 3
Purdue 2

Purdue's offense this season kinda makes me feel this way...

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Favorite Moment of the College Football Season So Far