Boiled Sports Weekly Real Genius: Jeff Jagodzinski

If you can out-think, out-wit, out-prepare and beat a genius, what must you be? I don't really know. But you are at the very least considered the Boiled Sports Weekly Real Genius when you accomplish such a feat.

Congratulations, Coach Jeff Jagodzinski! You have earned this honor.

Much like Shelly Long left Cheers in the height of the program, your predecessor, Tom O'Brien left the city of Boston in a similar position. No one understands why in either case. That said, you've had to overcome a lot to get to where you are. While everyone at Cheers "knows your name", no one seems to know yours. But you found a way to beat a coach that ESPN and others have made sure everyone knows.

95% of the Catholics in your city root for Notre Dame because they're Catholic, yet they act like your school is run by hedonistic Protestants. We both know the truth to be much different. While UND bends academic rules for their players, you lead a bunch of young men who have to attend class and get grades in real classes...That didn't stop you from laying the wood to the "Fightin" Irish.

You also have to overcome the fact that no one has any clue what you look like...that doesn't matter to you, you simply keep doing your job.

While UND's Claussen-led offense was stymied by your defense, the real star quarterback on the field, Matt Ryan answered as the Irish. Later, UND's back-up, Sharpley valiantly led the Irish to a 2-TD loss. It was like watching a prize fight between two heavy weights...except your team was like Mike Tyson's mouth and UND was Evander Holyfield's ear. Tasty.

As Notre Dame marches toward a record-breaking season, you graciously helped out as Coach Weis seeks an 8-plus loss campaign. I'm sure you learned a lot from the guy across the field last Saturday. Granted, you've never coached in the NFL like some other geniuses have (you actually have), and ESPN wouldn't ever call you one, but in our book, Jags, you are a Real Genius.

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