Opinion: It Can Be Fixed

We couldn't find a good picture of Coach Tiller, so we used this...yes, Tiller looks a whole bunch like Wilford Brimley (it's really not clever)

Letter to Coach Tiller

Purdue's offense looks broken...no doubt about it. In their last two games, 21 of their 28 points have come during the last 3 minutes of the contests...During both contests, Purdue had LESS THAN 125 yards of TOTAL OFFENSE mid way through the third quarter. Painter's TD to INT ration has taken a pretty big hit, not to mention the fact that he can't seem to make any throws when under pressure. Dorien Bryant has dropped more dimes than Jonathon "Bud" Mackey...and the offensive line looks simply terrified. So what to do?

First thing Coach, get UM & OSU off of the schedule. OK, that's finished. Next, bench Selwyn Lymon (while you're at it, take away his #1 and give him either #99 or #0...it's a joke that he got it in the first place) and give the starting nod to former walk-on Jake Standeford. This will help a few things- First, Jake completes his routes, second, Jake catches passes that hit him in the hands, third Jake blocks, fourth (according to you, coach), Jake reads defenses better than any other wideout on Purdue's team.

After making that personnel change, tell Curtis that he's not benched...but he has a half to get the offense kick-started. If we see another first half like the last two weeks, Elliot or Panfil, or Tardy will run the offense...it honestly couldn't get a whole lot more anemic. I like Painter, and I don't think he's the problem, but the entire unit needs a shot in the arm...and God knows this Purdue team wasn't built around the idea of the defense winning games for it.

Next, I'd implement more two-tight end sets...use Adams as a more typical tight end and free Keller up, move him around. Let him run flat routes, seam routes, posts, fly routes, heck, put him at flanker and let him run slants. I'm pretty sure no DB can take away a route from him. I'd even like to see Keller lined up at full or half back from time-to-time. He's that much of a weapon and has earned it, in my opinion.

Then, I think I'd make the two-back rotation Halliburton & Taylor. This will help a few things out. First, while Sheets is a weapon, he's also a liability. I think he's lost 5 fumbles this season...plus (and you can confirm this, coach), rumor has it that he's been arriving late to practice- not a good thing for the team. Halliburton should help create more time for Painter by simply being another blocker. Also, he runs vertically...if he's a threat to get the ball, it will cause more attention to be directed to the center of the field. Lastly, Taylor should be pretty close to 100% in the next few weeks. If he starts getting carries this week he'll get back to being the all-positive yardage guy we've come to know and love.

Lastly, I think Coach Legg needs to hand the play-calling over to Coach Z. Legg's playcalling is extremely predictable...I think this would help a lot.

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