I was wrong. (CMigrator copy 1)

I read a ton about the Baylor Bear's offensive firepower, quickness and balance. I was positive the team that couldn't handle Illinois or aOSU would be no match for these cubbies. I was wrong, deliciously wrong.

What I saw today was a Baylor team that played absolutely atrocious defense and made snap decisions on offense. Make no mistake, Purdue controlled this game and forced Baylor to play as poorly as they did. When it would slow down, Purdue would run half-court sets as JJ would beat double teams...When it was time to gallop, Purdue got out on the break and finished strong. Purdue's length created problems for Baylor as the Boilers rotated well to guard the three, and their quickness cut off passing lanes and stopped the dribble-drive over and over. It was clear Baylor was frustrated...In fact, one of Baylor's 7-footers got so frustrated that he looked like he wanted to fight one of our interior threats; Scott Martin. That's right, Scott Martin out-toughed Baylor's bigs to the point of rage. Neato.

I'll be honest, I don't think we saw the best possible game out of many on the court today, especially offensively. In spite of Smooge's being named Player of the Game for Purdue, he looked as sharp as a butter knife at times. And the Ostrich simply wasn't shooting as well as we know he's capable. My point is, despite scoring 90, I think this team can and will play better. Honestly, they're going to need to do so to continue making noise.

The smiling faces of this Boiler team became a trademark during the 11-game streak earlier this season. Those smiles seemed to be replaced with grimaces during the stretch run of the Big Ten season. Well, the grins were back today. Purdue played like they were enjoying themselves. As the old adage goes, winning cures all ills...I think another victory or two might make Kramer and Grant forget about those painful injuries they've been enduring this season.

I told you a while ago, I thought X was one of the most over rated teams in all of the land. What do you know? My alma mater now has a chance to defend my big mouth. Sic 'em fellas!

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